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Frenchmans Creek Park Play Structure Survey #2 - May, 2019

  1. Thank you!

    Thank you for providing input about improvements at Frenchmans Creek Park! Below is Survey #2, following-up on the results of the first survey, which was distributed in March.

  2. "Pop-Up" Meeting Scheduled - May 23

    Please attend a special "Pop-Up Neighborhood Meeting" at Frenchmans Park, where you can see displays of potential design ideas, talk to City staff, get your questions answered, and offer your preferences and input.

  3. THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2019 - 6:30 PM, at Frenchmans Creek Park, Ruisseau Francais Avenue at Bordeaux Lane.

  4. Everyone is invited to participate in determining the types of improvements to be made at Frenchmans Creek Park - please fill out the survey and plan on attending the Pop-Up Neighborhood Meeting!

  5. Results of Survey #1

    Among other information, respondents to survey #1 indicated that the preferred age group for equipment/improvements is school-aged kids, but playground elements for ages 2-5 are also desired; the preferred appearance/style of playground equipment is "Environmental;" the "Modern" style ranked second; the most-desired pieces of equipment include slides, spinners, and swings.

  6. environment

    "Environment" style example

  7. modern

    "Modern" style example

  8. There was also interest indicated in potential future additional recreation and leisure equipment (such as space for basketball, bocce ball, additional picnic tables, or other elements), and in a possible small area for off-leash dogs.

  9. Please enter the name of the neighborhood, or the street, where you live.

  10. Should the City consider reducing the amount of grass area at the park to make room for future additional recreation and leisure equipment/areas?*

  11. green space

    Area for possible future additional recreational uses

  12. If you answered "Yes" to the question above, which of these would you be most interested in having at the park?*

    (please select one)

  13. potential dog park area

    Area for possible future small off-leash dog park

  14. Are you open to developing, in the future, the lower area west of the park as a small off-leash dog park?*

    (not related to reducing the grass area)

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